As a distributor, we all have our "go to" vendor partners for various projects. When it comes to anything related to a picture and its frame, we trust Benjamin Martin. When it’s a simple frame or a very complex custom job with matting and fulfillment, we know we’re going to be able to deliver the best product to our client within the budget we’ve identified. They are very predictable when it comes to their quality, attention to detail, and adherence to the established timeframes. In our business, we are only as strong as our partners and Benjamin Martin allows us to be a valued partner in turn to our clients.

Jerry, Marty & the team Benjamin Martin are a terrific resource and partner for SwervePoint. Whether it’s a single piece retirement gift, or a 40k+ unit gift run with international distribution requirements – the team at Benjamin Martin have always gone above and beyond for each and every one of our orders. The design team from initial layouts, virtual renderings and specs are terrific and their attention to detail and ability to really grasp a project sets them apart as a trusted and true partner for our business.

Unsurpassed customer service, meticulous attention to detail, reasonable prices and creative solutions! Benjamin Martin produces the finest custom and stock frames and can handle the simplest or most complex order with ease. A thousand custom shadow box frames with individual drop ships? No problem. Benjamin Martin is simply the best in the industry!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Benjamin Martin Frames & Awards on a variety of projects over the years.

In a recent large order of 650 custom frames for my client, a Financial Institution held their event in NY City. It was a ‘huge success’ and made me look like a ‘Super Star’ with my client all due to Benjamin Martins team effort. They actually put together 7 unique style frames & sent samples out to my client that aligned with the theme of this event. What impressed me the most was they shipped the same sample frames to me as well so I could see exactly what the customer received being we were all In different states. It went so smooth I was able to seal the order with no stress! Every project is a new exciting experience that surpasses over and above any other supplier I have used.

Great company, great customer care, service is just the finest. I will recommend Benjamin Martin Frames & Awards to all my distributor friends!

"I have been in the Promotional Products Industry for over 20 years. I built my reputation on finding unique and high quality gifts for my clients, that differentiated their programs from their competitors. One vertical in which I specialize is creating Amenity Packages for Incentive Travel Programs. For these programs, as well as many others, Benjamin Martin was my favorite Supplier Partner. Their dedication to Creativity, Quality and Customer Service far exceeds the highest standard of excellence. Over the years I have come to view them as a partner in every opportunity I've had where a frame could be proposed. They have continued to deliver beautiful handmade samples with the unique moldings, that fit the nuances of the program, and all in impeccable gift packaging. More than anything I know I can count on the team at Benjamin Martin 100% from the inception of a project, through delivery, to provide me with unrivaled service, dedication and the spirit of teamwork, each step of the way. They have made me look fantastic to my clients for many years and keep my clients coming back for their products!"

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